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Kite is a next-generation advanced trading application offered by Zerodha in India. It comes in two flavors – website & mobile app, and makes trading super easy and intuitive even for naive users. Zerodha is the fastest growing discount broker in India, valued for its innovative tech offerings. In this post, we’ll learn more about Zerodha Kite, its usage, functionalities, and review.

Zerodha Kite First Look

When you login into Zerodha Kite for the first time, you’ll see a dashboard like below:

The dashboard contains the summarized information about your available funds and holdings. The left-hand side panel is your watchlist that also can be organized into multiple tabs.

The top left corner contains real-time Nifty and Sensex quotes with percentage change from the previous day. And the top right corner displays your user ID. If you click on the user ID, it will take you to your profile setting page where you can set your profile picture, change the password, and see your account details.

Overall, it is very easy to use interface and pretty much self-explanatory. You would not need any complicated user manuals to get acquainted with Kite UI.

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Zerodha Kite Login Process

Login to Zerodha Kite from this URL.

You’ll need to enter your User ID, password, and 6-digit pin to login. You’ll get all these details in the welcome email after opening an account with Zerodha.

Zerodha Kite Top Features

In terms of features, there is no comparison to Zerodha Kite right now in India. We’ve listed down some of its top features that make this platform unique:


When you mouse hover on any symbol from your watchlist, you’ll see an option to launch the chart.

By default, a 1 min candlestick chart gets loaded.

patterns, and annotations in the chart.

You can also trade directly from the chart using the ‘trade toolbar’. Drag the toolbar up and down to set the price at which you want to trade. Select the product, quantity, and place buy/sell order.

Portfolio Reporting

You can see your portfolio from the ‘Holdings’ tab at the top. This page will only show your delivery-based stocks and F&O positions.

From the portfolio page you can:

  1. Download your holdings in CSV/Excel format
  2. View your holding period for taxation purposes
  3. Check sparklines of every stock in your holding to see how it performed over the last 52 weeks
  4. Exit positions

Fundamentals & Technicals

When you hover over any stock in your watchlist and click on ‘Fundamentals’ or ‘Technicals’ option, you will see an intuitive popup with summarized info about the stock.

The fundamentals popup contains information such as PE ratio, market cap, beta value, dividend yield%, etc.

technical indicators.

Option Chain

Option chain can be accessed by hovering over the symbol in the watchlist, click More –> Option Chain.

In the option chain, you can see all major strike prices, their call and put LTP and open interests. You can also select the expiry date and find max pain in the same window.

Market Depth

The market depth gives info on the top 5 bid and ask prices of the stock. You can access it by hovering over the stock symbol in the watchlist and clicking on ‘Market Depth’.


GTT stands for ‘Good till Triggered’ and is an innovative feature offered by Zerodha to its customers. Using GTT orders you can:

  1. Buy a stock for delivery at the desired price. The order remains valid until the trade is executed.
  2. Place SL and target orders. This works on ‘One cancels Other’ mode by default, which means if the SL condition is met the target order is canceled and vice versa.

You can access it from the ‘Order’ tab in Zerodha Kite.

Basket order

Basket order lets you place multiple orders in one click. It’s like a shopping cart experience where you put in items in your cart one by one, and then check out together.

You can access it from the Orders tab in Zerodha Kite.

option strategies. You can add all the options legs to the basket, check the required margin, and click on the Execute button.

Zerodha Kite Mobile App

Kite is also offered as a mobile app for all Zerodha users. You can download the app from below links:

Zerodha Kite Android App

Zerodha Kite iOS App

Once downloaded and installed, the app can be accessed using the same login credentials that you use for the Kite website.

Kite mobile application is very popular owing to its simplicity and user-friendliness. In fact, a significant percentage of Zerodha users only use the app and not the website.

Feature-wise, the app is more or less similar to the website. You’ll see the same menu items organized in a beautiful mobile app.

The app is very lightweight and runs in the background with any considerable memory consumption.

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Final Thoughts

It’s a known fact that Zerodha has emerged as the best broker in India’s financial market space in the last decade. And it has become the best because of the innovative tech solutions it offers, Kite is one of them

Kite is powerful yet easy to use, such a combination is rare. And it is free to all Zerodha customers. The advent of Kite has put all the traditional trading platforms on the verge of extinction.

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