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Zerodha Kite: A New Era in Trading Technology

Kite, introduced by Zerodha, is an innovative trading platform transforming how India trades. Available both as a website and a mobile app, Kite makes trading accessible and straightforward, even for beginners. Recognized as India’s fastest-growing discount broker, Zerodha is renowned for its cutting-edge technology. This post will delve into the features, functionalities, and overall experience of using Zerodha Kite.

Exploring Zerodha Kite’s Interface

Logging into Zerodha Kite, you’re greeted with a dashboard that presents an overview of your funds and holdings. Your watchlist on the left can be organized into various tabs.


The dashboard displays real-time Nifty and Sensex quotes in the top left corner, while your user ID is situated in the top right. Clicking on the user ID brings up your profile settings, where you can personalize your account details, including changing your profile picture and password.

The interface is intuitively designed, ensuring ease of use without the need for complex guides.

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Logging into Zerodha Kite

To access Zerodha Kite, visit this link. You’ll need to enter your User ID, password, and a 6-digit pin – all provided in the welcome email from Zerodha.


While the Kite website requires these details every time you log in, the mobile app only asks for the pin after your first successful login. The dashboard automatically opens upon logging in.

Key Features of Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite stands out in India’s trading platform space with its unique features:

Advanced Charting Capabilities

Hover over any symbol in your watchlist to access its chart. By default, a 1-minute candlestick chart appears.


With around 20 chart styles, timeframe options ranging from 1 minute to 1 month, and over 100 technical indicators, Kite’s charting tools are comprehensive. The drawing toolbar enables you to annotate charts with trendlines and patterns, and you can directly trade from the chart using the ‘trade toolbar’.


Zerodha Kite offers two charting platforms: ChartIQ and TradingView. While ChartIQ was the first, TradingView can be selected from your profile settings, depending on your preference.

Comprehensive Portfolio Reporting

Your portfolio, accessible from the ‘Holdings’ tab, displays your stocks and F&O positions.


From here, you can:

  1. Download holdings in CSV/Excel format.
  2. View holding periods for tax purposes.
  3. Observe sparklines for stock performance over 52 weeks.
  4. Close positions if needed.

Fundamentals and Technicals at a Glance

Clicking on ‘Fundamentals’ or ‘Technicals’ for any stock in your watchlist brings up a detailed overview.

The fundamentals display key data such as PE ratio and market cap, while technicals provide RSI, moving averages, and MACD values, along with bullish or bearish indications.



Accessible Option Chains

The option chain, showing strike prices and related data, is easily accessed from the watchlist. It allows direct order placement from the chain.


Market Depth Insights

Market depth, showing the top 5 bid and ask prices, is available for each stock. This feature can be expanded to show up to 20 depths.


Innovative GTT Orders

‘Good till Triggered’ (GTT) orders are a unique offering by Zerodha, allowing you to:

  1. Buy stocks at desired prices, with the order remaining valid until executed.
  2. Set stop loss and target orders, operating on a ‘one cancels the other’ basis.


Convenient Basket Orders

Basket orders enable you to execute multiple orders simultaneously. Ideal for multi-leg option strategies, you can add all legs to the basket, check required margins, and execute in one click.


Zerodha Kite Mobile App: Trading on the Go

The Kite platform is also available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS users. Download links:

Android App | iOS App


Once installed, log in using the same credentials as the Kite website.

The Kite mobile app is celebrated for its simplicity and ease of use. A significant number of Zerodha’s clientele exclusively use the app. It mirrors the website’s features in a mobile-friendly format.

The app operates smoothly without consuming substantial memory, making it ideal for on-the-go trading.

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Zerodha Kite: The Final Verdict

Over the past decade, Zerodha has risen to prominence in India’s financial market, largely due to its innovative solutions like Kite. This platform combines power with user-friendliness, a rarity in the trading world.

Offered for free to all Zerodha customers, Kite has set a new standard in trading technology, eclipsing many traditional platforms.

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