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Zerodha, launched in 2010, is a trailblazer in the Indian financial services industry, known for its innovative use of technology and cost-effective trading solutions. Its portfolio spans across retail and institutional broking, commodities trading, and a variety of other financial instruments. The Zerodha 60-day challenge is an exciting contest that challenges traders to maximize their profits in equities, currency, and commodities exchanges over a period of 60 days.

Perks of Winning the Zerodha 60 Day Challenge

Winners of the Zerodha 60-day challenge stand to gain a host of benefits:

Complete Brokerage Return

Victors are rewarded with a total refund of their trading brokerage charges during the challenge period.

Recognition Certificate

Winners receive a certificate of achievement, a feature on Zerodha’s online winner’s page, and a highlight on Zerodha’s social networks. A sample of the certificate is shown below:

Zerodha’s 60-day challenge certificate

Path to Professional Trading

Champions also receive the chance to pursue a career in professional trading with Zerodha or its affiliated hedge funds.

How to Succeed in the Zerodha 60 Day Challenge

To win, you simply need to be the trader with the highest gains at the end of the 60 days. Here’s how you can sharpen your edge:

Invest with Insight

Base your investments on thorough research to understand potential risks and maintain market safety. Knowing the short-term prospects of your investments is key.

Guesswork won’t lead to sustained success; informed decisions based on research will.

Track Trends via Moving Averages

Moving averages clarify price trends. Utilize short-term moving averages to determine whether to buy or short sell stocks based on their direction.

Interpreting Market Trends and Phases

Understanding the cyclical nature of markets is crucial. Use this knowledge to make educated trading decisions and determine the right market entry points.

Anticipate Impactful Events

Be vigilant about upcoming events that could sway stock prices. Staying ahead of these can open up profitable short-term trading windows.

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In closing, winning the Zerodha 60-day challenge comes down to smart investment moves. Avoid the pitfalls of hasty, uninformed trading; instead, leverage research, trend analysis, and event tracking to triumph in the challenge and grow your investment portfolio.

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