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Zerodha shines as a broker in India with its simplicity, competitive pricing, and technological advancements. It has revolutionized trading, making it accessible to all. But how does Zerodha fare in the Algo Trading arena? Can you automate your trades seamlessly using Zerodha? Let’s explore this.

The Power of Zerodha Kite APIs

Before we dive into algo trading with Zerodha, it’s essential to understand the role of Zerodha Kite APIs. These APIs are the backbone of any algorithm you plan to develop or deploy.

API, short for Application Programming Interface, acts as a bridge allowing two applications to communicate seamlessly. For instance, you can easily retrieve your open positions from Zerodha to Excel with a simple API call. This doesn’t require extensive coding; a basic command in Excel VBA or Power Query will fetch the data you need.

Zerodha’s APIs cover all the essential trading functions like order placement, real-time quotes, margin calculations, and portfolio management. These APIs can be integrated into your algorithmic trading system to automate various tasks.

Discover more about Zerodha Kite APIs here. Zerodha offers these APIs for a small monthly fee.

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Algo Trading Methods with Zerodha

Now that you’re familiar with APIs, let’s examine various methods to engage in algo trading using Zerodha’s Kite APIs.

Integrating Streak Platform

Streak, supported by Zerodha, is a cloud-based platform that allows you to transform your trading ideas into algorithms with a few clicks. Deploy your algorithm for live execution with ease.


Streak features over 60 technical indicators for crafting your strategies. While it integrates smoothly with Zerodha, it currently does not support complete automation. However, it offers one-click order notifications when your algo conditions are met.

Access Streak through this link.

Linking Zerodha with Tradetron

Tradetron is a comprehensive automated trading platform that allows you to either create your strategy or adopt others’. After choosing your strategy, link your Tradetron account to Zerodha for real-time algo checks and order placements.


Tradetron is known for its robust, automated trading capabilities, offering a stable and error-free connection with Zerodha.

Start with Tradetron via this link. You’ll need an API Key to connect Zerodha with Tradetron.

Automating Amibroker Strategies with Zerodha

Amibroker is a potent technical analysis and algo trading tool where you can code, test, and optimize strategies. It exceeds other software in features and speed.

Connect Amibroker to Zerodha using third-party apps like AutoTrader Web. This platform offers low-latency, bidirectional communication. Simple code snippets in your AFL code can achieve this.

Check out the Amibroker to AutoTrader communication architecture below:


With its impressive features, AutoTrader, coupled with Amibroker, promises excellent results.

Download Amibroker here, and access AutoTrader Web here.

Building Your Own Algo Trading Interface with Zerodha

For those who love coding, creating your own algo trading interface is within reach. If you’re adept at working with Rest APIs, you can embark on this journey.

Program your strategy conditions in languages like Java or Python, and execute orders through Kite Rest APIs. Deploy your application in the cloud for continuous, real-time strategy checks.

Start coding with Kite Documentation. Consider enrolling in this informative course on Udemy for guidance.

The course “Algorithmic Trading on Zerodha KiteConnect Platform” covers all steps of algo trading, from authentication to risk management. It teaches the coding of technical indicators and building scanners.

Algorithmic Trading on KiteConnect PlatformThis course is a comprehensive guide with excellent feedback for beginners.

Closing Thoughts

Algo Trading represents the future of trading. Retail traders are increasingly moving from manual to automated trading, and modern technology facilitates this transition. With platforms like TradeTron, Streak, and AutoTrader, automation is straightforward and accessible. Automating your trades with Zerodha is now a reality!