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Swing Trading is a rewarding method to earn a good income from stock markets. In this approach, traders hold positions overnight or for several days to achieve maximum profit. All technical analysis concepts and algorithmic trading strategies apply effectively in swing trading. While quick gains often lure beginners to day trading, it’s wiser to master swing trading first before diving into intraday trading.

In this article, we unfold a Swing Trading guide that serves as a treasure trove for beginners. Even seasoned traders will find it beneficial as it enhances their existing knowledge and reveals strategies with remarkable success rates.

Dive into “The Ultimate Guide to Swing Trading” by Kevin Brown


I snagged this guide a few weeks back, intrigued by Kevin Brown’s reputation as a trading coach. With a whopping 21 years in the market, Kevin shares vital techniques to make profits through swing trading in this book.

This guide steers clear of promising overnight success (and you should too). Instead, it lays out proven strategies to earn money from the stock market. Kevin has put these methods to the test and explains them in a simple yet effective manner.

The Swing trader guide steers you towards generating a steady income through the stock market. You can turn your investments into profits without a long wait. It also unveils numerous strategies to maximize profits, minimize losses, understand trading statistics, plan your exit strategy, and balance your portfolio.

Key Takeaways

Let’s delve into some of the crucial takeaways from this guide:

  • Finding top-notch stocks for swing trading.
  • Determining the number of stocks to trade at once to optimize your portfolio and minimize risk.
  • Pinpointing the best times to enter/exit trades.
  • Calculating a positive expectation for a trading system.
  • Figuring out the right amount to risk per trade.
  • Discovering the core structure of all stock markets and projecting support/resistance levels into the future with amazing accuracy.
  • Exclusive video tutorials included.
  • Getting insights on the best software and brokers for swing trading.
  • Compatibility of the strategies with modern trading software including Amibroker.
  • Enjoying free course updates and lifetime support.

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Bonuses Galore

When you grab this guide, you also bag several free bonuses. Here are some notable mentions that I found incredibly useful:

An Ultimate Trading Calculator

Ultimate-Trading-CalculatorValued at $99, this ultimate trading Calculator comes bundled with the guide. It presents various management models to help users calculate trade positions.

On top of the models, it features a trading simulator which lets you create randomly generated trades and the resulting equity curves based on key trading statistics of any trading system.

Trade Tracker Spreadsheet

rade-Tracker-SpreadsheetThis spreadsheet simplifies trade tracking and analysis without the need for fancy software.

Eight eBooks: From “The Penny Stock” to “Dynamic Analysis”

This fabulous collection of eBooks, perfect for beginners, will guide you through various aspects of trading in financial markets.

Our Verdict

The Swing Trader guide is worth every penny. I’ve devoured it twice since snagging it. It lays down a clear path to accumulate wealth through stock markets over the years. Kevin has meticulously covered every aspect of swing trading, making it a breeze for even a newbie to grasp. The bundled freebies are a cherry on top. If you have any queries about this book or its contents, feel free to drop a line.


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