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Amibroker is unparalleled in the realms of technical analysis, backtesting, and developing trading systems. Its extensive feature set surpasses competitors, making it a top choice for traders.

However, Amibroker’s limitations include a lack of end-to-end automation. While proficient in generating buy-sell signals, Amibroker doesn’t naturally facilitate the direct transfer of these signals to brokers.

Creating an automation solution that caters to the diverse array of global exchanges and brokers is an enormous challenge that Amibroker has not pursued.

Yet, there’s hope for those seeking automated trading using Amibroker. We’ve discovered several methods to bridge this gap.

Disclaimer: The following options use Amibroker’s OLE Automation Object Model but are not direct features of Amibroker.

Streamlining Automated Trading with Amibroker

Among various automation solutions for Amibroker, we’ve identified the most reliable and scalable options.

Utilizing Amibroker Automation Library

An open-source GitHub project offers a wealth of examples and code for automating orders through Amibroker. This resource is accessible via this link.

Curated and regularly updated by Mr. Pritesh Mhatre, this library supports multi-account trading and stands out for its low latency, ease of use, and comprehensive automation options. Basic programming skills will enhance your experience with this tool.

Amibroker and Tradetron: A Synergistic Automation Approach

Tradetron, a cloud-based SAAS platform, not only facilitates the creation of automated trading systems but also seamlessly integrates with Amibroker. This integration enables the transfer of buy-sell signals from Amibroker to Tradetron effortlessly. Detailed setup instructions can be found here.

Tradetron extends beyond automation, allowing for in-platform strategy development and backtesting. For those interested in crafting strategies within Tradetron, refer to this comprehensive tutorial.

Be aware, automating trades through Tradetron involves an initial API call from Amibroker to Tradetron, followed by another from Tradetron to your broker. This method may introduce some latency, potentially affecting high-frequency scalping systems.

Integrating Amibroker with IB Gateway and Alera Portfolio Manager

This approach involves setting up Alera Portfolio Manager as an intermediary between Amibroker and Interactive Brokers. Step-by-step guidance is available at this link.

Alera is adept at handling buy/sell orders from Amibroker and can even process signals from external sources such as stock screeners.

This method is specific to Interactive Brokers and may not be applicable to exchanges outside its support network.

Explore these methods to implement automated trading using Amibroker and share your experiences with these approaches.