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Choosing the Best Stock Market Data Providers

For successful stock market trading, accurate market data is essential. This is particularly true for those who rely on technical analysis or quantitative trading, as reliable price and volume data are fundamental for analysis and backtesting. The last decade has seen a surge in data providers in India. We have evaluated several based on accuracy, reliability, and cost. Discover the top stock market data providers:

TrueData: A Market Leader

TrueData TrueData stands out as a premier stock market data provider in India. It’s not just about data; they offer expert advice based on quantitative strategies. Their product, Velocity, is widely used by market experts. It’s a versatile software plugin connecting multiple technical analysis applications. TrueData provides these key benefits:

  • Access to multiple markets.
  • Direct Exchange Connectivity for low latency feeds.
  • Multiple device login capability with the same ID (one device at a time).
  • Data available for various timeframes.

Subscriptions start at 990 INR per month. Explore different plans here.

ValueRT: Reputed Intraday Data Provider

ValueRT ValueRT is renowned for its seamless Amibroker integration for algorithmic trading. It offers impressive features like 1-minute data backfill for up to 90 days. Subscribers to their annual plan receive 3 profitable Amibroker AFLs. Highlights include:

  • Real-time data for Futures, Metastock, Commodities, Equity Intraday, Amibroker, and Metastock feed.
  • Simultaneous Metastock and Amibroker updates via dedicated servers.

Subscriptions start at 500 INR per month, with bulk discounts on multiple products. View the plans here.

Global Financial Datafeeds (GDFL): Popular and Reliable

GDFL Choosing GDFL means opting for risk-free business. It’s a highly popular choice among traders, known for its accuracy. They offer various products integrated with trading platforms like Amibroker, Ninja Trader, and Excel. Features include:

  • Sophisticated techniques for direct exchange datafeeds.
  • Focus on delivering live, low latency, accurate stock market data.
  • Products for realtime and EOD feeds, compatible with various technical analysis platforms.

Subscriptions start at 1735 INR per month, justifying the cost with its service quality.

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All three data providers are reputable and efficient. The best way to choose is to try free trials and select the one that fits your needs. ValueRT or TrueData are ideal for cost-effective solutions, while GDFL is suited for complex strategies or high-frequency trading.

If you find other worthy data providers, let us know. We’re always open to publishing user reviews.

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