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SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is a smart way to invest in financial markets where you invest a fixed amount periodically (say every month) into an instrument like mutual funds or stocks. SIP allows you to grow your wealth over time as it benefits significantly by dollar cost averaging. Step Up SIP is a flavor of SIP where you fractionally increase the amount you invest after every “x” months or years. By stepping up the SIP amount, the overall earning potential increases manifold. In this post, we’ll introduce you to a Step Up SIP Calculator Excel Sheet. Using this sheet, you can easily calculate your Step up SIP returns in a few clicks without any complex calculations.

Check out the below post to download an Excel sheet for a simple SIP (without step-up)

How to Calculate SIP Returns in an Excel Sheet?

Step Up SIP Example

Consider an investor John who invests a fixed amount of 1000 every month through a SIP route into an index mutual fund. John works as a salaried employee and his remuneration increases by 10% on average every year. So he decides to increase the SIP amount also by 10% every year. Hence the SIP amount will be 1100 per month from the next year, 1210 per month a year next to that, and so on. John is essentially stepping up his SIP amount.

Here is an illustration of how his yearly investment will look like for the first 5 years:

Year 1: 1000*12 = 12000

Year 2: 1100*12 = 13200

Year 3: 1210*12 = 14520

Year 4: 1331*12 = 15972

Year 5: 1464*12 = 17568

Total Investment: 73260

Had it been John invested 1000 per month without stepping up the SIP, his total investment would be 12000*5 = 60000 which is way lower than 73260.

Step Up SIP Calculator Excel Sheet

The Step Up SIP Calculator Excel Sheet contains two worksheets – the “Summary” worksheet and the “Month Wise Calculation” worksheet.

In the summary worksheet, you need to enter the investment parameters, and it will automatically calculate the “Total Investment”, “Final Capital” and “Total Returns”.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

Download Step Up SIP Calculator Excel Sheet

Download the sample Excel sheet to calculate Step Up SIP returns from the below link:

Step Up SIP Calculator

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