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Movies can teach us a lot about real life. Among many types, documentaries are special as they show us real experiences. They cover many topics, including the world of money and stocks. While movies like Wall Street and The Wolf of Wall Street are exciting, they make the stock market look more like an action movie. However, there are other films that show the true side of finance and stock markets. Here are Top 11 Stock Market Documentaries for anyone interested in the finance world.

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1. Start of the Trade: Million Dollar Traders

Million Dollar Traders(2009)This film follows 12 new traders. They are given $1 Million to trade for two months in a contest. It shows the emotional highs and lows they face during this time. The ones who do well get to work full-time at a hedge fund.

2. Market Predictions: Trader

This film is about a smart but superstitious fund manager Paul Tudor Jones. He predicted a big market drop in 1987 using his skills and special graphs. The film shows how both hard analysis and a bit of luck can lead to success.

3. Crisis Time: Frontline Series

FrontlineThese films explore the 2008 financial crisis, showing what caused it and what happened afterward. They help us understand the 2008 recession better.

4. Money Behavior: Freakonomics

freakonomicsFreakonomics looks at how people behave and how it affects economics. It uses data to show the connection between psychology and finance.

5. Crisis Uncovered: Inside Job

Inside Job won an Oscar in 2010 and looks at the 2008 housing and banking crisis. It shows how changes in policies and banking practices led to a big economic problem.

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6. Bank Troubles: Frontline: Breaking the Bank

This film talks about a banking crisis in America. It led to a big fund transfer to save the banks from collapsing. It shows how complex the economy can be.

7. Bank Breakdown: 25 Million Pounds


This is the story of Nick Leeson, who caused a bank to fail by making bad trades. It shows the dark side of stock market dealings.

8. Money History: The Ascent of Money

Guided by Niall Ferguson, this film takes you through the financial history of the world. It covers many major money-related events.

9. Crisis Alert: The Warning

The Warning is about the 2008 crisis too, but from a different view. It follows Brooksley Born who tried to bring in rules to lessen the crisis damage.

10. Debt Stories: Life and Debt


This film shows how debt affects small countries. It talks about the European Union helping countries like Greece and Portugal.

11. Global Money: Commanding Heights

ommanding-heightsThis film explores globalization’s growth and covers many global financial events. It helps viewers understand the global economy better.

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All these films have something in common – they teach a lot about the stock market and finance. Some help you understand the emotions in trading, while others show the bigger picture of the world’s finance. Watching them will give you a lot of new knowledge. If you have other film suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below.


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