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Discover profitable AFLs for Amibroker without the hassle of coding or falling for scams. We provide ready-to-use AFL code and backtest reports, saving you time and money. In this article, we are going to discuss EMA crossover.

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Strategy Overview

Parameter Value
Preferred Timeframe Daily
Indicators Used 14-period EMA, 73-period EMA
Buy Condition 14-period EMA crosses above 73-period EMA (Buy at the next day’s Open)
Sell Condition 14-period EMA crosses below 73-period EMA (Sell at the next day’s Open)
Stop Loss No fixed stop loss; Stop and reverse when AFL gives an opposite signal
Targets No fixed target; Stop and reverse when AFL gives an opposite signal
Position Size 150 (fixed)
Initial Equity 200,000
Brokerage 50 per order
Margin 10%

AFL Code for EMA Crossover

//  Formula Name:    14-73 Crossover Trading System
//  Website:

_SECTION_BEGIN("14-73 Crossover Trading System");

_N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} – {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, Hi %g, Lo %g, Close %g (%.1f%%) {{VALUES}}", O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 ) ) ));

//Initial Parameters

SetTradeDelays( 1, 1, 1, 1 );
SetOption( "InitialEquity", 200000);
SetOption("FuturesMode" ,True);
SetOption( "AllowPositionShrinking", True );


MALength1 = 14;
MALength2 = 73;

//Buy-Sell Logic

Buy = Cross(ema( C, MALength1 ),ema( C, MALength2 ));
Sell =Cross( ema( C, MALength2 ), ema( C, MALength1 )) ;

Buy = ExRem( Buy, Sell );
Sell = ExRem( Sell, Buy );
Short = Sell;
Cover = Buy;

Plot( Close, "Price", colorWhite, styleCandle );
Plot(ema( C, MALength1 ),"FastEMA",colorWhite);
Plot(ema( C, MALength2 ),"SlowEMA",colorBlue);

/* Plot Buy and Sell Signal Arrows */
PlotShapes(IIf(Buy, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorGreen, 0, L, Offset=-40);
PlotShapes(IIf(Buy, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorLime, 0,L, Offset=-50);
PlotShapes(IIf(Buy, shapeUpArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,L, Offset=-45);
PlotShapes(IIf(Cover, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorGreen, 0, L, Offset=-40);
PlotShapes(IIf(Cover, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorLime, 0,L, Offset=-50);
PlotShapes(IIf(Cover, shapeUpArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,L, Offset=-45);
PlotShapes(IIf(Sell, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorRed, 0, H, Offset=40);
PlotShapes(IIf(Sell, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorOrange, 0,H, Offset=50);
PlotShapes(IIf(Sell, shapeDownArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,H, Offset=-45);
PlotShapes(IIf(Short, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorRed, 0, H, Offset=40);
PlotShapes(IIf(Short, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorOrange, 0,H, Offset=50);
PlotShapes(IIf(Short, shapeDownArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,H, Offset=-45);



Backtest Report

NiftyBank Nifty
Initial Capital200,000200,000
Final Capital708,7401,727,157.50
Backtest Period02-Jan-2007 to 09-02-201602-Jan-2007 to 09-02-2016
Net Profit %254.37%763.58%
Annual Return %14.90%26.70%
Number of Trades3636
Winning Trade %22.22%38.89%
Average Holding Period61.28 periods60.92 periods
Max Consecutive Losses94
Max System % Drawdown-59.29%-59.40%
Max Trade % Drawdown-22.08%-97.77%

Download the detailed backtest report here.

Equity Curve


Equity Curve - Nifty

Bank Nifty:

Equity Curve - Bank Nifty

Additional Amibroker Settings for Backtesting

Go to Symbol → Information and specify the lot size and margin requirement. For example, lot size of 30 and margin requirement
of 10% for Bank Nifty:

Symbol Info

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