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If you’re an options trader, you know how complex and challenging it can be to analyze and understand the many different factors that affect your trades. Fortunately, there are many software solutions out there designed to help make this process easier. One such software is Options Oracle.

Options Oracle is a powerful options analysis software that can simplify your trading decisions by providing you with a range of tools and features to analyze and evaluate your options trades. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth review of Options Oracle, including its features, pros and cons, and user reviews.

Whether you’re new to options trading or an experienced trader looking for new tools to improve your decision-making, this article will help you make an informed decision about whether or not Options Oracle is the right software for you. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of options trading with Options Oracle.

What is Options Oracle?

Options Oracle is a powerful options analysis software designed to help traders evaluate and analyze options trades. The software was developed by a team of experienced traders and programmers and is available for free download online.

The main purpose of Options Oracle is to provide traders with the tools and features necessary to analyze and evaluate their options trades. It allows traders to view different options strategies, analyze their potential outcomes, and make informed decisions about which trades to execute.

Some of the key features of Options Oracle include the ability to analyze and evaluate options strategies, view risk and reward ratios, and compare different options trades. It also includes a range of advanced tools for analyzing volatility, identifying trading opportunities, and managing risk.

Overall, Options Oracle is a comprehensive options analysis software that can help simplify the complex process of options trading. In the next sections, we’ll explore the pros and cons of using Options Oracle, as well as user reviews and how to use the software.

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Detailed features of Options Oracle

Here are some of the striking features of Options Oracle software:

Comprehensive options analysis

Options Oracle provides a comprehensive range of analysis tools that allow users to evaluate different options trading strategies, including probability of profit, risk/reward ratios, and maximum gain/loss.

Customizable options chains

Options Oracle offers a customizable options chain that allows traders to filter options by strike price, expiration date, and option type. This feature makes it easier to find the options that fit a trader’s specific strategy and trading goals.

Real-time data updates

Options Oracle provides real-time data updates for options prices, volume, and other metrics. This feature allows traders to react quickly to market changes and make informed trading decisions.

Historical data analysis

Options Oracle offers a feature that allows traders to access historical data and analyze past trading patterns. This data can be useful in identifying trends and patterns that may help inform future trading decisions.

Portfolio analysis

Options Oracle allows traders to analyze their options trading portfolios in real-time, including tracking individual options positions and measuring overall portfolio performance. This feature can help traders stay on top of their trades and make adjustments as needed to improve their overall profitability

Pros of Options Oracle

  1. Comprehensive options analysis tools: Options Oracle provides traders with a range of tools and features to analyze and evaluate their options trades. It allows traders to view different options strategies, analyze their potential outcomes, and make informed decisions about which trades to execute. The software also includes advanced tools for analyzing volatility, identifying trading opportunities, and managing risk.
  2. Customizable user interface: Options Oracle has a customizable user interface that allows traders to tailor the software to their specific needs. Traders can choose from a range of pre-built templates or create their own custom layouts to suit their trading style.
  3. User-friendly interface: Despite its advanced features, Options Oracle has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand. Traders can quickly access the tools they need to analyze their trades and make informed decisions.
  4. Free to use: Options Oracle is available for free download online, making it an affordable option for traders of all levels.
  5. Active community: Options Oracle has an active community of traders who share ideas, strategies, and feedback on the software. This provides traders with a valuable resource for learning and improving their trading skills.

Overall, Options Oracle is a comprehensive and user-friendly options analysis software that provides traders with the tools and features they need to make informed decisions about their options trades. The fact that it is free to use and has an active community of traders makes it a great option for traders of all levels.

Cons of Options Oracle

  1. Steep learning curve: While the user interface of Options Oracle is user-friendly, the software itself can have a steep learning curve for traders who are new to options trading. Traders may need to spend time learning how to use the software effectively and may need to refer to external resources to fully understand its features and capabilities.
  2. No mobile app: Options Oracle does not have a mobile app, which means that traders can only access the software from a desktop or laptop computer. This may be inconvenient for traders who need to monitor their trades on the go.

How to Use Options Oracle?

If you’re new to options trading or to Options Oracle, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  1. Download and install Options Oracle: To use Options Oracle, you’ll need to download and install it on your computer. You can download it for free from the official Options Oracle website.
  2. Add your desired assets: Once you’ve installed Options Oracle, open the software and select the “Add Asset” option on the toolbar. In the pop-up window, you can choose from a variety of asset classes, including stocks, indices, and ETFs. Enter the symbol or name of the asset you want to add and click “Add”. Repeat this step for all the assets you want to trade.
  3. Analyze your options trades: After adding your assets, you can analyze your options trades by selecting the “Analysis” option on the toolbar. Options Oracle provides various tools and features to help you analyze your trades, including options chains, volatility analysis, and Greeks analysis. Explore the different tools and features to find the ones that best suit your needs.
  4. Evaluate your trades: Once you’ve analyzed your trades, you can evaluate them using Options Oracle’s evaluation tools. These tools allow you to calculate potential profits and losses, as well as risk-reward ratios, so you can make informed trading decisions. To access the evaluation tools, select the “Evaluation” option on the toolbar and choose the tool you want to use.
  5. Monitor your trades: Finally, you can monitor your trades using Options Oracle’s portfolio manager. This tool allows you to track your trades in real-time and provides alerts when trades need to be adjusted or closed. To access the portfolio manager, select the “Portfolio” option on the toolbar and add the trades you want to monitor. You can view your trades and their performance in the “Positions” tab.

Overall, Options Oracle is a robust software that can help traders streamline their options trading process. By following these steps, you can use Options Oracle to analyze your trades, evaluate your risks and rewards, and monitor your portfolio with ease.

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User Reviews

Options Oracle has been used by traders for over a decade, and it has garnered a significant following in the trading community. Here are some user reviews of Options Oracle:

“Options Oracle is an excellent tool for options traders. It provides a vast amount of data and analytics, which can help you make informed trading decisions. The software is user-friendly and has a lot of customization options. I highly recommend it.” – John D.

“I’ve been using Options Oracle for several years now, and I’m impressed by how accurate and reliable it is. The software provides me with all the data I need to make profitable trades. It’s an indispensable tool for any serious options trader.” – Sarah M.

“Options Oracle is a must-have for any options trader. The software is easy to use, and it provides all the tools and features you need to analyze your trades and make informed decisions. The support team is also responsive and helpful. I highly recommend it.” – David L.

While Options Oracle has received positive reviews from traders, some users have reported experiencing issues with the software. These include:

“The software can be slow to load and can crash occasionally. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it can be frustrating at times.” – Michael K.

“Options Oracle is a great tool, but it can be overwhelming for new traders. The software has a lot of features, and it can take some time to figure out how to use them effectively.” – Samantha R.

Overall, the user reviews of Options Oracle are mostly positive, with many traders lauding its accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. While the software may have some limitations and a learning curve, it’s still a valuable tool for any serious options trader looking to simplify their trading process.


Options trading can be complex and overwhelming, especially for new traders. That’s why having the right tools and software can make a significant difference in your success. Options Oracle is an excellent software option for options traders of all levels, providing comprehensive data, analysis, and customization options to help traders make informed decisions.

In this article, we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of Options Oracle, discussed how to use the software, and provided user reviews to give you a sense of what others think about it. While there are a few drawbacks, such as the limited asset classes and occasional software crashes, the benefits of Options Oracle significantly outweigh the negatives.

Overall, if you’re looking to simplify your options trading process and make informed decisions, Options Oracle is a software worth considering. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive data analysis tools, you can take your options trading to the next level and potentially improve your profitability.

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